Pentecostal Sermons and Bible Studies by Pastor Jim Feeney, Ph.D.

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This index of sermons by Dr. Jim Feeney is a continuation of the "Christian Living" sermons listed at our Pentecostal Sermon Index. Both lists address a variety of topics aimed at improving your walk with the Lord. May they be a blessing to you in your personal study of God's word and in victoriously living a Christian life before Him.

You Can Find Peace and Stability in These Changing Times

Why Are We Here? | Are You Willing to Rethink It?

Do You Have a Purpose in Life? Here's a Supreme One

"Like All the Other Nations" Is What God Wants You NOT to Be

What Are Your Plans for 100 Years from Now?

Forgiveness: Key to a Victorious Life and a Happy Marriage

Are You Really, Genuinely "Crucified with Christ"?

Vote Biblically, Not Politically, in 2020 (or any election)

Find Shelter in the Coming Storms If You Know Where to Look

Seeking God's Face: Option or Command?

Good Works to Get Saved, to Stay Saved, or Because We're Saved?

"Perplexed, But Not in Despair": Wisdom for Troubled Times

The Greatest Threat to Life in the USA Is to Be in the Womb

You Say You're Not Into a Religious "Works Trip"?

Growing Spiritually in 2020 & Beyond | Guaranteed to Succeed

A Supremely Worthy Goal? To Please God Always

Are You 'Pro-Choice'? Or Do You Honor God and His Word?

End Time Calamities Are Prophesied | Will You Survive Them?

Are You Catholic & Feeling Spiritually Dry? Needing Answers?

Let Your Words Be Few: Jesus' Take on Long-Winded Prayers

Selfies Nonstop | Is That How God Wants You to Live?

Absolutely Free Gifts from God to You Personally

Broken Relationships Healed - This Works!

Pedal to the Metal Christianity | "Make Every Effort"

"He's So Heavenly Minded He's No Earthly Good" - Nonsense!

Talk Is Cheap | Walk the Walk, Don't Just Talk the Talk

Getting Nowhere in Your Christian Life?

Let Your All Be All | Do Not Miss God's Blessings

Proof That You Love God (or Don't)

'I Need Revival!' | The Starting Point for a Move of God

Are You Wasting Your Life?

"That's Legalism and Bondage!" | The Loose-Living Christian's Excuse

Can You Minister Effectively Without Holiness?

Habitual Liars Go to Hell

"Fear Not!" 12 Good Reasons Why

Finding Rest for Your Soul

"I'll Do It My Way" ... and See Catastrophic Results

What Pleases God? | Find Out Here

Fear of God in This Age of Grace

Foundations: Without Them You'll Crash

Are You a 1/3 Drunkard? a 2/3 Drunkard? Or an All Out Lush?

Obedience: Often Ignored, Seldom Preached

Only One Thing Matters

An Excellent Day Walking with God
Spiritual Entropy: 7 Killers of Your Walk with the Lord
Four Events That Radically Changed My Life
Eating for Eternity | Food That Never Goes Bad
Unholiness Can Be Fatal!
The Horrible Consequences of Willful, Deliberate Sin
The Biblical Christian | Not a Title But a Way of Life
The Devil Made Me Do It! | A Classic Blameshift
Seven Ways to Fall Asleep
Still Bearing Fruit in Old Age
The Love of Most Will Grow Cold, Jesus Said

Four Killers of Your Walk with the Lord
Why Live Your Life in the Pursuit of Holiness?

Does the World Own You? Or Are You Just a Foreigner Here?
Is the Christian Life One of Peace, Trouble, or Both?
Why Do Christians Experience Suffering?
Same Old, Same Old? No!
Is Temptation Your Master or Your Slave?
Choosing a Mate | How to Marry Well
Christian Parenting | Raising Godly Children

Spanking Deficit Disorder (SDD) | Spoiling a Generation of Children

Seven Deadly Sins in the End Times

Drawing Closer to God

Backsliders' Pathways Away from God

The Man of God | A Pattern for Us

The Rivers of God

Burning with Holy Fire

Mickey Feeney: A Tribute to a Life Lived Well

Spiritual Renewal | Personal Awakening

A Defense of Traditional Christian Marriage Against Gay Marriage

Addiction Recovery | We All Need It!

Revival Requires Repentance

Crossing the Finish Line

The Radical Christian

Living Under Divine Inspiration

Be Faithful Unto Death

The Best Is Yet to Come

A Spiritual Retreat in the Desert

Make Smart Choices | Your Life Depends on It!

Living Waters from the River of Life

Running Away May Be the Smart Choice

Preventing Leanness of Soul

The Old 'Me and Jesus' Syndrome

Living the Abundant Spirit-filled Life

How to Love God His Way

Getting Your Joy Back

Three Fixations You Can't Do Without

Five Keys to Personal Revival

Don't Be a Fool
Portrait of a Man of God
Christian Liberty | What It Is, What It Isn't
Grandchildren, the Crown of Old Men
Your Tongue | Control It or It Will Ruin You


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