My Tribute to a Life Lived Well

Jim and Mickey Feeney, Anchorage Hillside

On March 13, 2010, my beloved wife of nearly 38 years left this life for the glories of heaven. My family and I are still deeply in the grieving process. But I don’t want to delay writing a much-deserved tribute to my “Mickey” (as she was known to all) and to her life lived well for her Lord, for her family, and for the many others that she touched during her 62 years on this earth.

Mickey always had a heart that sought after her Lord Jesus Christ. In her childhood years in Anchorage, Alaska, with delight she attended Sunday School at a church near her home. In her senior year of high school she made a conscious choice to serve Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. For the next 44 years, right up to the day of her recent death, she followed the Lord with much diligence and devotion.

Mickey never hesitated to share with others about her wonderful Lord. In fact, it was primarily her testimony to me in the late 1960s that helped me in 1969 to make my own decision to serve Jesus, a decision for which I am eternally grateful to Mickey for her boldness in sharing the Gospel with me.

Mickey and I were married in 1972 in Anchorage. We soon discovered that she had a medical infertility condition, and we were childless for more than six years. Then the Lord wonderfully healed her infertility, and she went on to bear us four children, all now adults and, thankfully, all serving the Lord after the wonderful pattern they saw modeled by their Mom.

She was a matchless wife and mother — truly the Bible's definition and meaning of a virtuous woman (Proverbs 31:10-31). I could not possibly have had a better soul mate during the nearly 38 years of married life that she and I shared. And she excelled in every sense of mothering and in providing a wonderful home environment for me and our four children.

I am so thankful that Mickey lived long enough to know and to love our first three young grandchildren. Our children and I all miss her deeply. Her passing has left a huge hole in our hearts. As we work through our grief, we are comforted by the thought of Mickey being in heaven now with her Lord and also with many of her departed loved ones who were fellow believers in Jesus Christ.

I was reflecting just the other day on how very much my wife meant to me. I began to give sincere thanks to the Lord for the 38 years of the remarkable gift that the Lord gave to me in the person of my beloved wife Mickey. As long as I live, I will thank God for her matchless example of a life well lived for the Lord and for her family. Thank you, Lord. And thank you, Mickey.

With love,
Jim Feeney
March 31, 2010

Mickey Feeney at Jim Feeney's 65th birthday

Jim and Mickey Feeney Snowmachining in Alaska

Mickey Feeney, 1948-2010

Mickey Feeney
A Servant of God


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