Pentecostal Sermons and Bible Studies by Pastor Jim Feeney, Ph.D.

Sermons about Christian Ministry (Index)


This index of Christian sermons on ministry by Dr. Jim Feeney is a continuation of more sermons on "Ministry" listed at our Pentecostal Sermon Index. Both lists address multiple topics concerning the ministries of believers. May they be a blessing to you in your personal study of God's word.

'Preach Jesus Christ in the Power of the Holy Spirit' - 78 million souls saved!

The Power of the Cross of Jesus: A Sermon for Every Pulpit

What Is the Purpose of the Anointing of the Holy Spirit?

Jesus Came for the Sick and Said, "Bring Them to Me!"

"Devil, I Rebuke You in the Name of Jesus" - Biblical or Not?

The Awesome Power of the Word of God Spoken by You

Prophetic Challenges to Us Today

Fivefold Ministry, Elders and Deacons Emerge in the Book of Acts

Are There Apostles Today? Modern Day Prophets Too?

The Same Spirit That Raised Jesus From the Dead You Can Have Too

A Sermon on Ministry That Moves in Holy Spirit Power

Relational Network Evangelism Works!

Powerful Evangelism Sermons and Topics for Preaching

7 Strategies for Kingdom-of-God Building, Advancement, and Expansion

Soul Winning | 7 Practical Ways to Win the Lost to Jesus

The Sower Sows the Word of God | You Can Too and Harvest a Crop

Is Divine Healing in the Bible? Yes. But Is Healing Still for Today?

Healing Scriptures: 4 Bible Verses for Healing the Sick

'Full Gospel' Meaning and Ministry with Bible Examples

Believers, Be Used in Healing, Miracles & Gifts of the Spirit

The Blessings of Having a Spiritual "Father in the Faith"

The All-Important Ministry of Raising Godly Children | Here's How

How to Stir Up the Gift of God in You (Your Spiritual Gifts)

Growing Your Spiritual Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Sow Good Seeds | What Kind Are You Sowing? Good Seed? Bad? None?

What Is the Seed of God? 1) God's Word and 2) God's People

Reaping a Harvest of Lost Souls Getting Saved

The Name of the Lord Is a Strong Tower: A Sermon About Victory

Power in the Name of Jesus: A Sermon to Energize Your Ministry

Christian, YOU Can Have Power to Do Healings and Even Miracles

The Irresistible Power of the Name of Jesus

'Peddling the Word of God for Profit'? Preacher, Don't Do It!

A 60-Second Way YOU Can Participate in Jesus' Great Commission

A Must-Have Key to Effective Ministry for Every Believer

To Ministers | Your Main Job Is to Equip People to Minister

A Great Harvest of Souls the Bible Way

Prayer for Souls to Be Saved? Jesus and Paul Did It

God's Power Tools for Effective Ministry

Entering the Promised Land | A '3-Keys' Sermon

Signs, Wonders, and Gifts of the Spirit Are Part of True Revival

Bible Verses About Revival in the Last Days (the End Times)

Revival Fires in America | A 3rd Great Awakening

False "Prophets" Have Failed Their Followers Again

Holy Laughter ("Laughing in the Spirit") | Slain in the Spirit | Falling Out

"Sent Ones" | Not Everyone "Sent" in the Bible Is an Apostle

Loyalty, the Launching Pad to Your Own Ministry

The Doctrine of Laying on of Hands Is a Foundational Christian Truth

The Presence of God: A Key to Healings & Miracles

Why Are Our Ministries So Impotent?
The Mission Field Within the Church

Water Baptism by Immersion in the NAME of the Triune God

Bible Teachers in the Bible's Fivefold Ministry

Where Have All the Bible Teachers Gone?
God, Use Me As Your Instrument (God WANTS to Use You)
Ministry with Simplicity, the Way Jesus Did It
The Great Commission and Your Part In It
Saints, You Do the Work of the Ministry

Signs & Wonders Will Follow the Preaching of the Word of God

The Preacher's High Calling to Ministry

God Uses Ordinary People to Do the Extraordinary | He'll Use Us!

Restoring Fallen Leaders (and All Backsliders)

The "Foursquare" Gospel — 4 Ministries of Jesus Christ

Supernatural Signs Will Follow Those Who Believe

The Paralytic's Healing | You Too Can Be Used in Healing Ministry

Jesus Said We Can Perform Miracles and Healings Too

Christian Ministry at Another Level

Ministry in the Supernatural

The Supernatural Power of God and of God's Word Released in You

The Supernatural Realm: How to Walk in It

Ministry Under God's Anointing Produces Results

Holy Ghost Ministry and Power Bring Results

The Mighty Hand of God Powerfully in Your Life and Ministry

Like Ships Passing in the Night

Be A Part of the Last-Days Move of God

A Double Portion of Anointing of the Holy Spirit for Ministry

The Anointing of the Holy Spirit Brings Deliverance and Freedom


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