A 60-Second Way YOU Can Participate in Jesus’ Great Commission

Thank you to those of you who are among the more than 1,800 free subscribers to my "Pentecostal Sermons & Bible Studies" website. I am blessed and very grateful that you come faithfully to the website to read and study God’s holy Word. I welcome also those who have come to the website directly through the internet. I appreciate you all.

I would like to sincerely ask you to join me in a non-financial effort to get the Word of the Lord out to the people and nations of the world. It will take just 60 seconds of your time and none of your money. I pay this website’s costs personally. I never ask my readers for money. I choose not to receive offerings. And I do not allow any paid advertising. Early on the Lord reminded me of His words: “Freely you have received, freely give.”

My appeal to you is for a different, non-financial kind of partnership in getting God’s Word out. At age 77, with 50 years of Spirit-filled ministry in the rear-view mirror, I alone can only do so much — I’m a senior-citizen, one-man office! God in His goodness and favor has blessed the website, and it currently receives more than 55,000 visitors each month. These are people hungry for God’s Word — people like you.

Here’s how you can partner with me in spreading the Lord’s Word far and wide. Would you please consider putting links to sermons and Bible studies that bless you on your own channels of online influence. If a message stirs your heart and spirit, by putting a link to that on your Facebook, your Twitter or other social media, or emailing someone that link, you will be joining with me in fulfilling Jesus’ “Great Commission” to spread the Gospel far and wide.

Your social media networks can reach people I might never reach with God’s Word. You have an advantage — your social media friends and followers are likely to trust you and to value your opinion (I’m a total stranger to them). You might be surprised at how many of your friends would click on a link to a Bible message that you tell them is inspiring and could bless them.

Thank you for considering my appeal. We have a common goal — that is, telling the world about our wonderful Lord Jesus Christ. Your links on social media will take only seconds of your time and none of your money. But the impact of God’s Word on your friends can have eternal benefits!

Philippians 1:27  “…striving together as one for the faith of the Gospel.”

Thankfully and sincerely in Jesus Christ,

Pastor Jim Feeney

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