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Summary:  Currently more than 55,000 visitors each month read one or more of our 500+ free “Pentecostal Sermons & Bible Studies.” We’ve listed below for you what we believe are the most informative of them on a variety of leading Pentecostal-Charismatic topics, along with some additional messages on prominent biblical issues today.

Baptism with the Holy Spirit

Speaking in Tongues

Gifts of the Holy Spirit Today

Pentecostal Beliefs

Anointing of the Holy Spirit

Increasing in the Holy Spirit Anointing

Divine Healing

Healing Prayers for the Sick

Apostles & Prophets Today?

Fivefold Ministry Today

Not in Word Only, But Also in Holy Spirit Power

Pentecostal Churches Are God's Standard

The Power of the Spoken Word of Faith

Ordination of Women: Biblical or Not?

Who Is Jesus Christ?

Deity of Jesus Christ

Why Jesus Came to Earth from Heaven

The Power of Jesus' Cross

Power of God

The Bride of Christ: Jesus' Radiant, Spotless Church

The 'Blessed Hope': The Second Coming

Hearing from God - Is That the Voice of God?

Salvation: How to Be Saved

You Must Be Born Again

Can You Lose Your Salvation?

Only One Way, One Road, to God

Network Evangelism, the Best Personal Soulwinning

Water Baptism in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ

God's Triune Name: "Lord Jesus Christ"

The End Times, A Concise Overview

Church Elders

The Deacon Ministry

You Can Count on the Promises of God

Praying for Souls to Be Saved

Why Be Pro-Life?

God's "Virtuous Woman"

Divorce & Remarriage: Does God Permit It?

Gay Marriage? Transgender?

Should I Quit Drinking Alcohol?

Rebuking Demons: How to and How Not to

Spiritual Warfare: How to Be Victorious

Demon-Possessed Christians?

Kingdom of God/Kingdom of Heaven

Laying on of Hands

Hell and Hell Fire


Powerless Church Services

The Church in 7 Views

Choosing a Mate - How to Marry Well

Christian Parenting - Raising Godly Children

Burning with Holy Fire

A Defense of Traditional Marriage

Executing Babies: The "Pro-Choice" Choice!

A Catastrophic Decline of Love for the Lord in the End Times

The Love of Many Will Grow Cold in the Last Days

Were Our Sins and Sicknesses Both Taken by Jesus?

Jesus Bore Our Sicknesses, Infirmities & Diseases and He Bore Our Sins

The Holy Spirit, Third Person of the Holy Trinity

Who/What Is the Holy Spirit in the Trinity? What Is His Role?

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