Pentecostal Sermons and Bible Studies by Pastor Jim Feeney, Ph.D.

Doctrine and Theology Sermons


This index of sermons by Dr. Jim Feeney is a continuation of the "Doctrine and Theology" messages listed at our Pentecostal Sermon Index. Both lists address themes from biblical theology and doctrine, with a special emphasis on Pentecostal-charismatic topics. May they be a blessing to you in your personal study of God's word.

Why Did God Send Jesus to Earth from Heaven? 12 Reasons

Pentecostal Beliefs, Doctrines, and Practices | Pentecostalism

Who/What Is the Holy Spirit in the Holy Trinity? What Is His Role? His Work?

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ | He's Not Just One; He's Both

What Is the Purpose of the Anointing of the Holy Spirit?

Is Divine Healing in the Bible? Yes. Is 'Jehovah-Rapha' Still the Lord Our Healer Today?

Jesus Came For the Sick and Said, "Bring [the Sick] to Me!"

Why Was the Bible Written? Two Main Reasons

Want to Know God's Extraordinary Plan for These End Times?

"Crossless Christianity"? A Doctrine of Demons! Preach Christ Crucified

The Name of the Lord Is a Strong Tower: A Sermon of Victory and Safety

The Bride of Christ | Characteristics of Jesus' Radiant, Holy Bridal Church

Demon-Possessed Christians?
Speaking in Tongues | Is it of God? Is it for Today?

Speaking in Tongues (Glossolalia) Is the Initial Evidence of Baptism with the Holy Spirit

Be Continually Filled with the Holy Spirit | Some Translate It: "Be Being Filled"

Evidence of Receiving the Holy Spirit Baptism/Filling

"Full Gospel" Meaning and Message with Bible Examples

An In-depth Sermon on Water Baptism by Immersion with Scripture Texts
Why NOT to Baptize [quote] "in the name of the Father & of the Son & of the Holy Spirit"

The Spiritual 'Ancient Landmarks' in the Bible? Or 'Some New Thing'?
How to Be Saved and Go to Heaven: Salvation Scriptures

Does God Want Everyone, All of Us, to Be Saved?

Sound Doctrine - Ignore It and Remain a Spiritual Infant
The Ministry of Women in a Bible-Based New Testament Church

Male Leadership in the Home and in the Church

Kingdom of Heaven | Kingdom of God Bible Study Notes
(3 parts)

Divorce and Remarriage: What Does the Bible Say?

The Holy Trinity Demystified

The Holy Trinity in Action

Christ's Second Coming | What Will It Be Like?

The Doctrine of Laying on of Hands: Foundational Doctrine of Christ

When a Christian Dies, What Happens Next?

Is Hell Real? Hell Fire, Too?

Do All Liars Go to Hell? Do Any Liars Go to Heaven?

Does God Forgive All Sins If You Repent? Absolutely!

Is Willful Sin Unforgivable? Does God Forgive Deliberate, Intentional Sin?

Jesus Saves Us FROM Our Sins: Two Critically Important Meanings
Why I Believe in Tithing

End Times Prophecy As Jesus Taught It

Modern Day Prophets and Apostles Today, in the 21st Century?

Bible Teachers in the Bible's Fivefold Ministry

Apostles and Bible Teachers Today

The Two Witnesses of the Book of Revelation

The Authority of the Believer | Here's How to USE It!


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