Want to Know God’s Extraordinary Plan for These End Times?

Many of you (and I too) believe that we are in the biblically prophesied end times — variously spoken of also as the last days, the time of the end, the latter times/latter days, the end of the age, or other similar expressions. I’m pleased to recommend highly to you a very detailed Scriptural study of these end times by my good friend, Bible teacher Elton McMillan.

I have known Elton for more than 50 years in his Bible teaching ministry. I can say with confidence that I personally believe his detailed study of the end times is the best I've heard being taught today by Bible teachers.

If you’re looking for a quick summary of the last days, you’ll want to look elsewhere. But if you’re seeking sound and detailed, step-by-step exposition of the end times and are willing to put in extensive study time, I think you’ll find Elton’s thoroughly Bible-based resource to be greatly informative. Let me add a few helpful comments before referring you to the internet link:

• Elton’s materials are free to you. There is no cost, no hidden fees.

• I recommend following the sequence he has put into this study (Phase 1…2…3...)

• Because of his extensive creation and use of important illustrated charts, I strongly recommend studying his material on a DESKTOP or laptop computer. You’ll find the charts squeezed too small on a mobile device.

• The end times are a massive subject in Scripture. A few sections of the total project are still in progress. But what Elton has already published will provide a comprehensive, detailed description of events from our day going forward to the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and beyond.

May God bless your studies of this vitally important topic.
/Pastor Jim Feeney, Ph.D./

You’ll find this rich treasure of teaching by Elton McMillan at:

The End Times Explained Step by Step - Bride of Christ


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