Pentecostal Sermons and Bible Studies by Pastor Jim Feeney, Ph.D.

Varied, Illuminating Sermons About Our Lord Jesus Christ

Written by Pastor Jim Feeney, Ph.D.

Summary:  Christians, our persistent cry to Jesus should be, “More of you, Lord! More of you!” To help you in that godly pursuit, I’ve assembled below a collection of sermons I’ve written over the years. They cover a variety of illuminating insights into our wonderful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. These are truths that will impact your life for the better!

Why Did God Send Jesus to Earth from Heaven? 12 Reasons

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ | He Must Be BOTH to You

Looking Unto Jesus: 6 Awesome Benefits You’ll Receive

Power in the Name of Jesus: A Sermon to Empower Your Ministry

God Has a Solution for Every Problem: Jesus Has the Answers

Jesus Saves Us FROM Our Sins: Two Critically Important Meanings

Jesus Came FOR the Sick and Said, “Bring Them to Me!”

The Power of the Cross to Save, Heal & Make You Whole

Is Jesus God? | The Deity of Jesus Christ

Victory in Jesus Christ! | You’re ‘More Than Conquerors’

Who Is Jesus Christ? God? Man? Both?

How Powerful, How Strong Is Jesus? Unlimited? Omnipotent?

‘Another Jesus’ or the Bible’s Jesus: Which Will You Follow?

Preparing the 'Bride of Christ' for Jesus Her Bridegroom

Bride of Christ | Characteristics of Jesus’ Radiant, Spotless, Holy Bride

The Name of the Lord Is a Strong Tower: A Sermon About Victory

The Spotless Bride of Christ: A Radiant, Perfected Church

Made Whole Again by Jesus!

Ready or Not, Jesus Is Coming Back Again at His Second Coming

A Vision of Jesus I Had the Day I Got Saved

Jesus Is the Same Today As 2,000 Years Ago

Jesus in Eternity Past, Present, and Future

Jesus Only Recognizes Two Kinds of People | Which One Are You?

Keep It Simple: J-e-s-u-s | The Simplicity That Is in Christ

One Central Focus for Your Life: Jesus Christ

Devote Your Life to God and Jesus Christ Whatever the Cost

Jesus Wept | Why Would Jesus Cry? (2 Bible Answers)

One Day Every Knee Will Bow to Jesus | Have You Bowed Yours?

Revelation 12: End-Time Bride of Christ, No Pre-Trib Rapture

The Blessed Hope | Jesus’ Second Coming

Jesus Never Had Any Trouble Drawing a Crowd

‘My Buddy Jesus’? Please, NO!

Jesus Is “Better”! Don’t Settle for Less

Who’s in Charge Here? God? You? Me? Who?

Behold the Lamb of God: Jesus "Christ Our Passover"

‘So Shall We EVER Be with the Lord’

‘Who Are You, Lord?’ … ‘I Am Jesus’ | 17 Awesome Ways

Jesus Christ Is Lord of All, King of Kings, and Lord of Lords

Jesus, the Amazing Son of God

The Irresistible Power of the Name of Jesus

‘My Lord and My God!’ | 3 Truths Your Eternity Depends On

Jesus Wants to Be WITH You

Jesus Wields All Authority in Heaven and on Earth

‘Thank You’ Poured from My Heart and Lips When I Met Jesus

New Life in Christ, the Son of God | Live Forever!

Jesus Christ Revealed in 31 Very Brief Cameos

How to See God the Father: Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Will You Worship Jesus Christ or Antichrist? You Must Choose

Jesus’ Second Coming Will Add Amazing Blessings to His First

'I Preach Jesus Christ in the Power of the Holy Spirit,' said Reinhard Bonnke

The ‘Foursquare’ Gospel | 4 Ministries of Jesus Christ

Do EXACTLY What Jesus Tells You to Do

Jesus Is Savior…and a Whole Lot More!


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