Pentecostal Sermons and Bible Studies by Pastor Jim Feeney, Ph.D.

Sermons on Jesus Christ
Our Lord and Savior


This index of sermons by Dr. Jim Feeney is a continuation of the sermons on "Jesus Christ" listed at our Pentecostal Sermon Index. Both lists address multiple faith-building topics concerning our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May they be a blessing to you in your personal study of God's word.

How Powerful Is Jesus? Unlimited?

Jesus Recognizes Only Two Kinds of People | Which One Are You?

12 Reasons Jesus Was Sent from Heaven to Earth

"Thank You!" Poured from My Heart and Lips When I Met Jesus

Jesus' Name, the Irresistible Force

Where Is Your Focus? Are You Beholding the Lamb of God?

A Vision of Jesus I Had the Day I Got Saved

How to See God Exactly As He Is

The Mystery of Christ's End Time Bride | Revelation 12

Jesus Then, Now, and to Come
Got a Problem? Here's the Solution
Ready or Not, Jesus Is Coming Again
Jesus Is Savior...and a Whole Lot More!
The Preeminent Jesus
Jesus Is the Same Today as 2,000 Years Ago
The Power of the Cross of Christ

Bride of Christ

Looking Unto Jesus

Jesus, Name Above All Names

Victory in Jesus

Keep It Simple: J-e-s-u-s

Jesus Wept

Jesus Christ Is Lord of All

Jesus Makes People Whole Again

Jesus Wants to Be With Yo

Life in the Son of God

Jesus, the Amazing Son of God

Christ and His Bride

Preparing the Bride of Christ

Jesus is "Better"! Don't Settle for Less

The Blessed Hope | Christ's Second Coming

One Central Focus for Your Life: Jesus Christ

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Pentecostal Sermons and Bible Studies
by Pastor Jim Feeney, Ph.D.