Pentecostal Sermons and Bible Studies by Pastor Jim Feeney, Ph.D.

Faith-Building Sermons on Divine Healing by Pastor Jim Feeney, PhD


Medical science in the 21st century is discovering belatedly the powerful reality of divine healing — a truth that men and women of faith have known and experienced for centuries. Medical journals and other secular media abound with recent studies that show, for example, the documentable power of healing prayer for the sick.

Divine healing — also known as "spiritual healing" or "faith healing" — has begun to enter the mainstream of contemporary attention and discussion. Is there uniform agreement on the subject? By no means. But an increasing number of journalists and medical writers are writing broadly on the subject and are focusing especially on the healing power of prayers for the sick.

In the course of more than 30 years of fulltime, ordained Christian ministry, I have written a number of articles in bible study and sermon format on the topic of God's healing power. I have compiled some of these divine healing sermons — containing an abundance of Bible verses about healing — in the links below. They are presented here for several categories of readers:

• those whose curiosity has been piqued by reading secular media articles about the healing of the sick, and especially the power of prayer for the sick.

• those who wish to study a systematic Scriptural approach to divine healing.

• the many who need a gracious touch of divine healing from illness; from physical, emotional, or mental afflictions; from chronic diseases; from disabling accidents, and the like. My heart is especially touched by those with these needs. And I assure you that God will build your faith to receive healing from Him as you read the healing sermons below.

Healing from God Is for You Today — this is our most detailed study on God healing the sick. It will leave you highly encouraged to believe that God can heal you!

Is It God's Will to Heal You? — Christians sometimes waver on this, but God's Word gives a very clear, faith-building answer.

Healing Scriptures: 4 Bible Verses for Healing the Sick — Print one page. Place it around your house. Read it aloud daily, and watch your faith for healing grow!

Healing Scriptures/Healing Bible Verses to Build Your Faith to Be Healed — A collection of Scriptures, with comments, that will jump start your faith to be healed.

How to Receive Healing by Faith | More Faith to Be Healed — this article will grow your faith and your expectation for God's healing power to touch your life.

Receive Divine Healing — Pastor Jim Feeney spoke this message to a church in Phoenix, Oregon. It will challenge your faith to become active in the pursuit of God's healing miracles.

Healing Prayers for the Sick Work! — Recent medical studies have affirmed the biblical belief that God heals in response to prayers for healing.

The Best Alternative Health Is Good Health from God — this sermon reveals simple Scriptural principles that lead to good health.

Jesus Heals Today! Jesus Is Our Healer As Well As Our Savior — The bible records many of the healing miracles Jesus performed while on earth. He is still healing today from heaven!

Getting Positioned to Receive Divine Healing — this article will help to prepare, to predispose, your hearts and minds to receive healing from God.

The Paralytic's Healing: You Too Can Be Used in Healing Ministry — this message reveals biblical principles that will prepare you to minister God's healing power to others.

Faith-for-Healing Lessons from the Roman Centurion — An ancient soldier's faith has some compelling, practical lessons for those of us seeking divine healing.

Healing Mercies: Divine Healing Flowing from the Mercy of God — If you feel as if you're "at the end of your rope" health-wise, that is a great time to call upon the abundant mercy of God.

Jesus Bore Our Sicknesses, Infirmities & Diseases and He Bore our Sins — In His suffering and death, Jesus bore our sins AND our sicknesses, infirmities, and diseases.


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