Pentecostal Sermons and Bible Studies by Pastor Jim Feeney, Ph.D.

Sermons on Diverse Topics

This collection of sermons on a variety of diverse themes by Dr. Jim Feeney is a continuation of the "Various Topics" listed at our Pentecostal Sermon Index. Both lists address subjects of broad interest to today's Christians. May they be a blessing to you in your personal study of God's word.

Got Post-Election Depression? I've Got Great News & Hope for You!

America Must Have Revival or It's Over!

A Nation in Decline, an Unshakable Kingdom on the Rise

10 Things Controlling Time Now and Your Eternity

"Depart from Me into Eternal Fire!" Jesus Will Say to Many

Demons Are "Believers" Too, But Are Hell-bound!

"IF" | A Tiny Word with Big Consequences Now & for Eternity

Look Unto Me and Be Ye Saved, All the Ends of the Earth

Do You Work Out Spiritually in God's Gymnasium?

The World & Every One of Its People Belong to God

They Say, "God Loves You" - Explain That, Please

To My Nigerian Christian Brothers and Sisters

Your Promised Land | "Come out" First or You Won't "Enter In"

Who's in Charge Here? You? Me? Who?

God "Loves You Dearly" | Who? Why?

Prophetic Challenges to Us Today

First Written Governing Document in New World Was Fully Christian

Executing Babies | America's Heartless Fall into Barbarity

Midterm Elections | Voting with God's Views in Mind

Spiritual Fathers - the Importance of a 'Father in the Faith'

The 6 Most Important Words Jesus Will Say to You - Or Not!

Afterward Receive Me to Glory!

Who Gets the Glory? Who Should?

Global Warming? Environmental Catastrophe? It's 100% Certain!

Are You Afraid to Die? Here's the Cure!

Liberalism Is a Demonic Deception, A Satanic Takeover in American Thinking

Three Things Really Matter

The Lord Will Judge His People | Judgment Begins with Us

Looking Forward to Seeing the Lord

Thus Far the Lord Has Helped Us, And He Won't Quit Now!

The Goodness of God in Your Life Abundantly
Watch Out! You'll Avoid Tons of Big Trouble
Do You Truly, Biblically, Love Jesus?
How Close Is God to You?
Lord, I Am Not Worthy!

By My God I Can!
Holy Fire | Keep Your Lamps Burning
God's Grace Has a Tough Side Not Often Preached
Testing the False Teachers and Their Erroneous Ways
Jews Started the Chrisian Faith | Christianity's Jewish Origin
When God Forgives, He Forgives Totally
True Spirituality Is Not What You Might Think It Is
An Encounter with God
Feel the Peace of God
Vegetarianism or Veganism for Christians?
What Does It Mean to Be Spiritual? What Is Biblical Spirituality?
Optimism 101 | Growing More Optimistic
Five Bible Questions and Answers That Will Change Lives
Jesus said, "Repent!" Here's a Checklist for Repentance
Take Aim at the Right Targets
Aim Higher! Take Dead Aim at a Higher Walk
Don't Aim Too Low
But the Benefits Are Great
Seven Things or People That God Hates
Leaving a Spiritual Legacy
The 'Ancient Landmarks'? Or 'Some New Thing'?
The Divine Purposes of God
How to Vote in 2012 (or in Any Election)
Raising Your Expectations to Receive More from God
America: A Great Country | Let's Keep It That Way
Great Results from Humble Beginnings
The Wisdom of the "Olders"
Don't Let Your Vision Die
Life From Death
Seven Strategies for Kingdom Growth
Terrible Times Are Coming, But Greater Victory Too!



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Pentecostal Sermons and Bible Studies
by Pastor Jim Feeney, Ph.D.