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America Must Have Revival or It’s Over!

Summary:  2020 was chaotic in the USA, certainly the most tumultuous of my 77 years other than wartime. The COVID virus was killing thousands. Racial issues erupted. Crowds mostly from the Left occupied and at times rioted, burned, and looted buildings in many of our cities. Another crowd, mostly from the Right, forcibly occupied the U.S. Capitol building in the first week of 2021. The November 2020 election resulted in bitterness and demonstrations on both the Left and the Right [For the record, I'm a registered independent voter]. Meanwhile, American abortionists were executing between 2,000 and 3,000 innocent babies in their mother’s womb every single day! Lawlessness has increased, exactly as Jesus foretold for the last days (Matthew 24:12, NASB). Gay marriage and transgender advocacy have fired shots across the bow of biblical morality and values.

Many more examples of national decline could be given. But the bottom line is that a nation on the downward trajectory the USA is on is walking out from under the protection and blessings of God. The solutions will not be found in the political arena—how’s that working so far? It’s not working. What America needs is a God-sent, last-days revival, personal and national repentance for our sins, and turning to Jesus Christ, the Lord of all (Acts 10:36) and only Savior (John 14:6). Without this, I foresee America joining the once-great-now-sidelined empires of old such as Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, the Medes and Persians, Greece, Rome, and others.

Psalm 85:6  Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you?

Psalm 33:12  Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord

When ancient Israel walked with God and in devoted service and obedience to Him, they were blessed. God had blessed them with a mighty, supernatural deliverance from slavery in Egypt and made them His “chosen people” (Isaiah 65:9). God gave them the great Hebrew Scriptures — Genesis through Malachi — which make up more than half of the Christian Bible. He gave them the Tabernacle and later the glorious temple in Jerusalem. He also gave them the land of Canaan as His “holy land” (Psalm 78:54; Zechariah 2:12). When they served God in that land, He gave them peace, security, and both natural and spiritual prosperity.

While Israel followed diligently after God, they experienced the fulfillment of that promise: “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” When they turned from Him to “other gods” (Exodus 20:3), they violated the very first of God’s Ten Commandments. As a nation they went deeper into idolatry, sexual wickedness, and other sins until God sent the northern 10 tribes (“Israel”) into captivity in Assyria. Not learning a lesson from that and failing to repent, the two southern tribes (“Judah”) were later sent into the Babylonian Captivity for 70 years. America, or any nation that turns from God, can expect its own “Captivity” sooner or later.

Luke 19:10  For the Son of Man [Jesus] came to seek and to save the lost.”

In chaotic times such as America is in, it’s easy to lose your eternal focus. In brief, God created us to know Him, love Him, serve Him, and spend eternity with Him after this life if (and only if) we receive His forgiveness of our sins. That comes through sincere repentance and faith in Jesus Christ (Acts 20:21) and His death on the cross to pay the price for our sins (1 Corinthians 15:1-4).

Jesus told His disciples the precise reason He came from heaven to earth: He “came to seek and save the lost.” He wants every American (and all elsewhere) to look to Him for salvation, then to begin to follow Him and serve Him for the rest of our days. Then when we take our last breath on earth, we will join Him in the indescribable bliss of heaven.

Imagine our nation filled with dedicated servants of God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ! Imagine a nation of people building their character, not on the cultural values of the moment, but upon the values of the perfect Word of God, the Bible. We would be fulfilling the exciting promise of Christ when He told his followers (then and now): “If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed. And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:31-32, KJV).

America, how can we as a nation get there, to that place of full obedience to God and receiving of His bountiful, free blessings? WE NEED REVIVAL!

2 Chronicles 7:14  If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

This is the answer to America’s ills. Our heart cry should be the verse we opened with: “Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you?” (Psalm 85:6). This burden to prepare the way for revival is not upon those in America who are still lost in unforgiven sin. It’s upon the shoulders of God’s people, upon those who follow Him and serve the Lord Jesus Christ. And that in turn will lead to a great harvest of souls to the Lord Jesus Christ.

• “If My people” - We must pray, fast, and seek national and personal revival.

• “will humble themselves” - giving all honor and glory to the Lord, because He alone can turn a nation.

• “and pray” - call on the Lord! Intercede as Daniel did for the nation.

• “and seek My face” - all else must be secondary to a close walk with the Lord.

• “and turn from their wicked ways” - deep, sincere personal repentance for sins.

If we will do those things, then God says:

• “Then I will hear from heaven.”

• “I will forgive their sin…

• “and [I] will heal their land.”

My fellow American Christians, the future of our beloved nation is in our hands. What happens next depends on us. Our faithful God says that if we, His people, will in humility pray and seek Him and repent of our sins, then He will hear us, will forgive, and will heal our land! God can bring revival and sweeping renewal to our nation. Let’s take Moses’ exhortation to Joshua and apply it to ourselves: “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you…” (Joshua 1:9)


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