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Words of Encouragement from God in Times of Trouble

A serious health issue in a family member recently drove me deeply into the Scriptures seeking words of encouragement from God in my time of trouble. The Lord gave me much strength and comfort from a number of uplifting bible verses.

The links below will take you to encouraging, inspirational words from God that will bring you hope and strengthening as you or your loved ones face your own hard times. As you call out to Him, "Lord, help me!" you will find that "God is faithful!" (1 Corinthians 10:13). Come and be blessed by His inspirational words of encouragement in times of trouble.

Divine Healing — if you are facing medical problems, these articles will bring you hope and faith for God's help from heaven.

Against All Odds, Have Faith in God — When the odds seem a thousand to one against you, remember that everything is possible with God.

A Strong Tower, the Name of the Lord Jesus Christby faith in Jesus' name, you will find victory over sin, sickness, addictions, demons, and more.

Jesus Can Make You Whole Again — Do you feel lost? desperate? broken? without hope? Jesus can turn your life around.

Keys to Having Your Prayers Answered — Often we fail to receive from God because we fail to do a very simple thing — we fail to ask Him in prayer.

All Things Are Possible with God — Are you facing what seem to be insurmountable obstacles? Remember, with God nothing is impossible!

We Serve a God Who Has No LimitsDon't limit the power of God. He is able and willing to help you in your time of need.

Victory in Jesus! — Jesus warned us that life would have its share of troubles. But He also promised that He will enable us to overcome those hard times.

The Power of the Spoken Word of Faith — Speak aloud what you are believing God for. The believer "shall have whatsoever he saith."

Words of Comfort in Times of Distress — No matter how dark and hopeless things seem to be, God has comforting words for your exact needs.

Feel the Peace of God — Jesus said that troubles will come. But He offers great peace that will enable you to get through hard times with victory.


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