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Frequently Asked Questions
(FAQs) About the Bible

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• What does “Pentecostal” mean? Can you summarize Pentecostal beliefs?

• Are the supernatural "spiritual gifts" or "gifts of the Holy Spirit" for today? Didn’t spiritual gifts cease at the end of the first century?

• Who is the Holy Spirit? Is He divine? A person? What exactly does He do?

• What about speaking in tongues? Some say tongues are from God; some think they’re from the devil.

• I hear about spiritual healing (sometimes called faith healing or divine healing), but does Jesus still heal miraculously today?

• Medical researchers have recently been studying the power of healing prayers for the sick. Do the Scriptures address this subject?

• What about same-sex marriage? Is the Bible against gay marriage, for it, or neutral?

• The ordination of women is a controversy in today's Church. Does the Bible offer any clear guidance to help resolve this issue?

• Is male leadership in the home and in the church God's pattern?

• Does God permit divorce and remarriage under any circumstances?

• What is a virtuous woman in the sight of God? Does she resemble the image portrayed by the modern Feminist Movement?

• Do the Scriptures teach praise and worship dancing for the New Testament Church?

• Some say that there are no more apostles since the end of the first century. What about those who claim there are modern-day apostles and Christian prophets today?

• Is the full "fivefold ministry" still in the Church today? Or was it just for the early Church?

• Do you believe in being “slain in the Spirit” | “holy laughter" | "falling out”?

• Should a Christian be unequivocally pro-life?

• Is tithing something that Christians should practice?

• Is speaking in tongues the initial evidence of the baptism with the Holy Spirit?

• Is there a real place of fire called hell?

• Is the saying true that all roads lead to God?

• Some say that Jesus is fully God, fully divine. Others teach that He is merely a great man or a great prophet. Which is it?

• Different churches seem to baptize in a variety of ways. Does the Bible have a consistent teaching about water baptism?

• What exactly is the ministry of women in the New Testament Church?

• I’m confused. Certainly the Father is God, but is Jesus God? Is the Holy Spirit God? Can you help me understand this difficult idea of the Holy Trinity?

• Should we expect to see supernatural signs and wonders today? Or was that just for the early Church?

• Sometimes “spiritual” people act spooky! Does the Bible give a good definition of spirituality?

• I’m a backslider. Will Jesus take me back?

• Can you give me a short, well-proven recipe for a happy marriage?

• Why should I go to church? I feel that I can be a good Christian without going to church?

• Can you help me improve my abilities in personal evangelism?

• My personal prayer life is weak. How can I improve it?

• I hear preachers say we need to “repent”. Can you help me understand what repentance involves?

• Jesus, the Son of God, did many healings and miracles. Aren’t ministers being presumptuous telling us that we can do the same works Jesus did?

• What does “praying in the spirit” mean?

• Why should I attend a Pentecostal church rather than a non-Pentecostal, evangelical church?

• I feel like I'm in a spiritual drought. Is there any solution?

• I’m a Christian, and I’ve always been a “social drinker”. Tell me from the Bible — should a Christian drink alcohol?

• What exactly happens when a Christian dies?

• At Christ's Second Coming, what happens to the dead bodies of believers?

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