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We take reader interest very seriously. Knowing which sermons and Bible studies you, our readers, visit the most helps us understand current trends and issues in Christian thought. Thank you for being among the more than 60,000 visitors to this website each month.

The following are the currently most-visited of our published topics. Our hope is that they will help you in your biblical studies and in discerning areas of peak interest in the Lord's Church today.

1.  The Power of the Cross of Jesus to Save, Heal, and Make You Whole

2.  Rebuking Demons in Jesus' Name | How to & How Not To  

3.  What Is the Anointing of the Holy Spirit: Its Purposes, Power & Benefits?

4.  Why Did God Send Jesus to Earth from Heaven? 12 Reasons

5.  Bible Verses About Revival in the Last Days (the End Times)

6.  Modern Day Prophets and Apostles Today, in the 21st Century? Yes!

7.  Speak the Word of God in Faith Over Your Life and See Its Power Manifested

8.  7 Strategies for Kingdom-of-God Building, Advancement and Expansion

9.  'Fear Not!' A Sermon with 12 Good Reasons Not to Be Afraid

10.  How to Raise Godly Children | Christian Parenting

BONUS (Two More):

11.  Does God Forgive Deliberate Sin? Willful Sin? Intentional Sin?

12.  Personal Revival | 5 Steps to Spiritual Revival That'll Change Your Life

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