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In the midst of Alaska's great beauty,
Pastor Jim Feeney wrote many of this
website's sermons and Bible studies.

Jim Feeney was born in Yonkers, New York, in 1943. After growing up on the East Coast, Jim has spent most of his adult life in Alaska and Oregon. In 1972 Jim married his wife Mickey in Anchorage, Alaska. The Lord blessed them with four children and three grandchildren before Mickey went on to her heavenly reward in March, 2010.

After majoring in English at Boston College, Jim did a trimester of graduate study at the University of Pittsburgh, then earned his Master of Business Administration degree from Santa Clara University. Some years later he received his Ph.D. in Church Administration from Trinity Theological Seminary. Jim's doctoral dissertation on church planting was published and has been used as a reference book at Fuller Theological Seminary, at the International School of Ministry (ISOM), and elsewhere. Jim has at times held professional membership in both the Evangelical Theological Society (currently) and the Society for Pentecostal Studies.

From 1967-71 Jim served as a U.S. Air Force officer. After this he was an FAA air traffic controller in Alaska before being ordained to fulltime ministry in 1975 at Abbott Loop Christian Center in Anchorage. Jim served the church there in the ministry of bible teaching and also as Dean of the Charismatic Bible College of Anchorage. An experienced church planter himself, Jim teaches the online Church Planting course in ISOM, the world's largest video Bible school, now in over 100 languages and in more than 150 nations.

In 1981 Jim and his family moved with a church-planting team to the suburbs north of New York City to plant a new church, which he pastored for five years. In 1989 Jim planted another church — South Valley Church in Phoenix, Oregon — which he pastored until his retirement from fulltime pastoral ministry in May 2006. Jim currently lives with his wife Linda in Oregon's Willamette Valley. His desire now is to devote time in his retirement years to adding more bible studies and free online sermons to this website (more than 500 free messages at last count).

And family time will continue to hold a high priority, as the beloved grandchildren count (currently 24, plus 8 recent great-grandkids and counting!) continues to rise. The photo below shows Jim fishing in Alaska's Cook Inlet with his son-in-law and two sons.

Alaska's Cook Inlet

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