Recommended Christian Websites

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Abbott Loop Community Church — This church in Anchorage, Alaska, is where Pastor Feeney began his ministry as a bible teacher.

International School of Ministry — Bilingual Bible Teaching — Extensive bible school curriculum in dozens of the world's languages.

Commentary and Teaching by John Dubler — An experienced pastor offers bible teaching and wise commentary on issues of the day.

The Teaching Ministry of Ken Birks — Pastor Ken offers bible studies and audio sermons from a Spirit-filled perspective.

The Final Glory of Christ's Bride-Church is systematically and biblically explained by bible teacher Elton McMillan

We Choose Virtues | Character Education Curriculum — Heather McMillan presents tools to instill lasting character in our children.

The Book of Mormon — Fact or Fiction? — Dr. Tom Roselius takes an in-depth look at the biblical inconsistencies of the Book of Mormon.

Renewal Ministries of Colorado Springs — An excellent counseling resource from experienced counselor and pastor George Stahnke.

Dr. Randy Colver Publishing — Jim has known Dr. Colver since the 1970s and recommends him as an excellent teacher of God's word.

City Church School of Ministry — Spirit-filled curriculum and hands-on ministry opportunities are available at this growing ministry of Anchorage City Church.

Portland Bible College — My daughter earned her bachelor's degree summa cum laude at this outstanding, Spirit-filled Bible College. She incorporates her extensive Christian knowledge and experience into her writing and editing work at Brady Editing.

Jim Feeney's Flickr Photos — Alaska scenery and wildlife from the place where Pastor Jim Feeney spent many of his ministry years.

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