Sermons on the power of God

Power of God Sermons

by Pastor Jim Feeney, Ph.D.

This index of sermons on God's power by Dr. Jim Feeney is a continuation of his messages on "The Power of God" listed at our Pentecostal Sermon Central. Both lists address multiple topics concerning the mighty power of God being manifested in the lives and ministries of His people. May these sermons be a blessing to you in your personal study of God's word.

The Greatest Power in the Universe | The Gospel
Release the Power Gifts — Faith, Healing, and Miracles
The Mighty Hand of God

Getting Ready for a Supernatural Move of God

It Will Require the Move and Power of the Holy Spirit

The Amazing Power of One Believer

The Real Ultimate Power Source

All Things Are Possible with God

May God Protect You from Ha

Hearing and Seeing a Demonstrated, Powerful Gospel

We Serve a God with No Limits

When God Intervenes from Heaven


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